Do Not Face The Insurance Company Alone After An Auto Accident

While it is important to report an accident as soon as possible, conversations with insurance companies should be handled carefully. Typically insurance providers are focused on mitigating costs, while you will need to cover the total amount of losses. If you have been injured in an auto accident, then get an advocate on your side. Call our firm located in Gainesville to schedule a free initial appointment.

Protecting You Throughout The Claim Process

The attorneys at Coleman, Chambers & Rogers, LLP, can represent you in all dealings with the insurance company regarding your accident. We will assist with the following matters:

  • Determine insurance and asset availability: Our lawyers will examine your insurance policy and any other relevant policies (for example, the at-fault driver's insurance, the commercial vehicle owner's insurance, uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance) and identify all coverage which is available to cover your losses, as well as all other potential assets.
  • Gather relevant data: We will examine accident reports, talk to witnesses, review medical records, gather all medical bills, document other economic losses such as lost work time, and determine if there were additional losses.
  • Present an insurance claim: Our law firm can prepare a demand packet with all relevant information such as the accident report, pictures of your injuries, a medical narrative from your doctor, future medical needs, and witness accounts.
  • Settlement, mediation, trial: Our goal is for you to receive the insurance settlement you need to cover your losses and fully recover from the accident. If the insurance company's settlement offer is not fair, we are ready to take your case to mediation and to trial.

Seeking Compensation That Fully Covers Your Losses

You may be facing missed wages, mounting hospital bills and temporary disability after the accident. Our attorneys apply over 70 years of combined legal experience to seek compensation for the full extent of our clients' damages. We will help you determine current damages and the long-term costs of your injuries. Long-term costs can include medication, surgeries and physical therapy.

We are proud of our personal service and big capabilities. We handle car accidents, 18-wheeler trucking accidents, commercial van accidents, bus accidents and motorcycle crashes. No matter the severity of your accident, our attorneys are equipped to handle the case. Personal injury cases can be on a contingency fee** basis or hourly rate depending on our clients' situations.

Call Us Today For A Free Consultation

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**Contingent attorneys' fees refers only to those fees charged by attorneys for their legal services. Such fees are not permitted in all types of cases. Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action usually must be paid by the client.