Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can be very difficult and a drawn out process to go through. A slip and fall can happen almost anywhere, from gas stations and grocery stores to department stores and restaurants. Injuries stemming from these slip and fall type cases can be debilitation, such as, broken or fractured bones, soft tissue bruising, back and neck sprains, or even paralysis. Having attorneys experienced with not only the legal present, but, the medical issues as well is essential in maximizing recovery.

Our Attorneys are knowledgeably in the factors that lead to slip and fall cases where recoveries are present. Important factors to analysis in every slip and fall cases are:

  • Surface Composition and Conditions
  • Foreign Substances on surfaces
  • Level changes
  • Obstructions
  • Visibility
  • Unusual Features
  • Human Factors

Having the awareness of being able to interpret and adequately rely these facts to insurance companies and property owners in what separates good representation from great representation. But, addressing issues in the facts of case are not the only skills to consider when hiring an attorney.

The Attorneys at Coleman, Chambers & Rogers, LLP are ready to take on the insurance companies, opposing counsel, creditors, hospitals and other medical bills so you do not have to. The peace of mind knowing that you have an Attorney handling all those issues will allow you to get back on your feet faster and stronger, instead of having to constantly deal with red tape and harassing calls. Contact us today for an initial consultation at 678-601-2495.