Mrs. Candace Williams represented me during a very difficult time in my life. Just the thought of needing to pursue a divorce is enough to set somebody’s entire life upside down, and after my initial consult with Candace, my fears were greatly diminished. She has a wonderful talent for truly connecting with her client’s personal experiences, and making sure that she addresses your worst fears and settles your case with expediency and precision.

I always felt like I was represented by a top notch lawyer, and that she would fight for me and those I love.


I can't say enough good things about Candace. She was an answer to prayer in my life at a time when I so needed her professionalism, expertise, honesty, compassion, and knowledge. I would highly recommend her in any situation, especially with protective orders and domestic violence issues. I've worked with attorneys before in the past and was amazed at her dedication to getting the job done quickly at short notice. At trial, an A+++. Without her intervention in such a short time, I'm not sure I would be here to type this. Given any other legal issue, she will be the first one I would retain. At a time of confusion and intense stress, she and her office paralegal, made me feel very comfortable and that I could trust her with her expertise in a timely manner, and she demonstrated expertise in the courtroom as well. If you want the best, Candace and her staff will deliver.

Signed Jennifer, November 2011.

This lawyer did an excellent job on my divorce case. Excellent to deal with and very professional. Very pleased with the outcome of our case and overall felt that Candace did everything she could for a great resolution for our case. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fantastic attorney.

Trey, 2010

Candace Williams is by far one of the most professional, understanding and dedicated attorney’s I have worked with. She knows what she is doing and will fight tooth and nail to get you a great outcome. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney! She will get the job done and can help you get what you want! Candace, my family and I are so grateful you were our attorney and you represented us well! we are proud to say you were our ATTORNEY!!!!


I used Ms. Williams for a modification of custody. Ms. Williams always kept me informed, was very detailed and thorough, and really cared about what happened to my children. During her closing arguments, she actually broke down and cried. She became very emotionally attached to my case demonstrating a genuine concern for myself and my children as if we were family. She is an awesome lawyer and would definitely recommend her to anyone. She really cares about your situation.

Timm and Melissa

Candace is my lawyer, and recently handled a modification of custody case for me against a team of lawyers for my ex-wife. My ex-wife has blocked my visitation for many years, and has not communicated with me about big decisions. The children call her new husband Dad. Her lawyers wanted me to give up, or run out of money. We modified and pursued an aggressive contempt. Candace never let me give up. Every time my ex wife's lawyer moved, she moved faster. She was awarded $58,000.00 in attorney’s fees. Candace is a wonderful lawyer, and advocate. Thank you thank you.

Ben 2011

Candace Williams of Coleman & Chambers, LLP recently represented me in a child custody case. Candace was always courteous and professional. I appreciated the fact that she was easily accessible by always returning either my emails or phone calls promptly. She was extremely organized and presented that professional persona in the court room. This was a very difficult time for me and my family, but Candace made us feel that we were not facing this issue alone. Candace was great to work with and we ended up with a favorable court ruling!

Anthony 2009

Candace and her staff are absolutely wonderful! She sets a very realistic expectation with honesty and is aggressive in order to get things done. I used Candace for my divorce and child custody lawsuit and both situations were handled professionally and went smoothly from start to finish. Highly recommend!

Anonymous, 2009

We needed someone that would listen to our case and take it as seriously as we did and work for us with diligence. I cannot thank you enough for what you and your staff (Maresa and Gina) did for us. Candace, you listened to us every step of the way and guided us in the appropriate direction. The communication was always clear, concise and timely and your attentiveness and responsiveness was evident in your documentation to the other side as well as your communication with us. Even though we were out of town, the distance did not matter because we were able to correspond effectively through phone and email.

Your perseverance and the careful time and planning were proven in our final outcome. You carefully selected the mediator and other professionals in our case based on your past experience. You predicted possible problems in the future and wrote language to circumvent those potential issues. Your excellent analytical skills and willingness to take the time to make sense of large volumes of information was key to our positive outcome. Your creativity and ability to find solutions and persistence with the other side’s counsel was another additional benefit for choosing you. I was equally impressed with your written skills and ability to produce compelling arguments to help the judge to understand our difficult case.

I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking family law help. I have never had a positive experience with an attorney until now. The quality of service we received from you and your staff saved us years of heartache and frustration. In our eyes, you are our hero and the go-to-gal of custody matters! Thank you Candace Williams and staff!

C and M 2010

Candace Williams helped me through my difficult divorce. She was direct, sensitive, realistic about the outcome, and helped guide me in the right direction. She is focused always on the children. This was reassuring through the process.

Mary, 2009

Ms. Williams handled my Modification of Custody case this year based on a move. Ms. Williams was responsive within 24 hours to my inquiries, professional, understanding of the emotion, detailed, realistic of the outcome, and very strong in Court. We were successful in defeating the claim and on the contempt. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a family law matter. Thank you Candace and her Staff at Coleman and Chambers, LLP, Maresa, and Gina.

Tony 2009