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Divorce Seminar

Divorce seminars are essentially required in all circuits and counties throughout the state. Divorce education is a class focused on giving you and your spouse the tools necessary to communicate positively after the divorce as it relates to issues with the children. When parents stop communicating after the divorce, their children are likely to suffer psychological, self-esteem, social, academic or other problems. The overall health and mental well-being of the children often depend on how the parents interact after the divorce.

Generally, most courts require that both parents attend the seminar within 30 days of the filing of the petition or within 30 days of their answer to the divorce action. Generally, if you fail to timely follow the court’s requirement or order to attend the seminar, the court will hold the parent in contempt. Furthermore, your failure to timely attend this seminar could impact you being designated the primary physical custodian of the child.

What Is the Goal Of Divorcing Parent Seminars?

Most programs strive to teach the following:

  • Develop positive co-parenting
  • Assist the parents in understanding their behavior and impact on the children
  • Minimize or prevent parent alienation syndrome
  • Educate parents on the developmental needs of their children
  • Assist the parents in understanding the impact of the divorce and conflict on the children
  • Teach techniques for keeping the children healthy and happy
  • Assist the parents in building effective parenting plans

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