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Taking a case to trial can take years, and a lot of time and financial resources. Often contracts and courts require disputing parties to use mediation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in an attempt to resolve the problem sooner and at less expense. If you are seeking a mediator to mediate a case or need representation in mediation or arbitration, contact our law firm.

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Our law firm often recommends mediation and arbitration to clients because it often produces a better, faster, less costly resolution to legal disputes.

  • Registered mediators: Three lawyers in the Coleman, Chambers & Rogers law firm are registered as mediators in Georgia (one is also registered as a divorce mediator). If you require a mediator, we have the experience and desire necessary to provide effective mediation services.
  • Mediation representation: All of our attorneys have the experience to represent you in mediation or arbitration. If a court has ordered mediation or if a contract requires arbitration, our lawyers can effectively help protect your rights and interests.
  • Family law mediation: When property division, child custody and other matters are at issue in a divorce, mediation can help you and the other party develop your own agreement rather than leaving the issues for a judge or jury to decide.
  • Construction arbitration: Lengthy litigation can hold up a real estate development project for years. By using arbitration, the parties can often resolve the issues with less expense and get the project back on track.
  • Business contract mediation: Many business contracts require mediation as a preliminary step before litigation can be considered. We can represent you and present your case in mediation.

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At the Coleman, Chambers & Rogers law firm, we offer every mediation client personal attention, responsive service and experienced legal counsel. Our attorneys and our support staff are ready to help.

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