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Facebook And Myspace In Domestic Cases


With the popularity of Facebook and My Space, communicating on the internet has become the modern wave of our future. Not only are our children texting, emailing, and creating accounts with Facebook and My Space, parents, grandparents, and the like are catching up with the trend. Facebook and My Space are great tools for anyone to stay connected with family and friends. However, it can also serve as your worst enemy when faced with a divorce, or similar domestic action. Word to the wise, be cautious about what you post on these websites, because you never know who may have access to the information. We see lots of clients bringing in pages and pages of communications from Facebook and My Space. More often than not, the communication has led the client to hire an attorney, and this means your communication on the internet has contributed to the litigation. You may be forced to face the music and answer hard questions in a courtroom or a deposition about Facebook or My Space communications.

Keep these helpful tools in mind, be careful who you allow to have access to your information. Friends, friends of friends, the entire public, make sure you know who has access. Facebook and My Space have tools available to allow you and only you to decide which people have access. Remember, if you post confidential material on your page, all of those individuals who have access to your page can read your post. Even if you are posting a thought or a mood, somebody may be watching and printing! Be smart, be aware, whichever hat you are wearing.

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