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Watch out for delayed car crash injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Personal Injury |

When people in Georgia are hit in a car accident, they may not notice all of their symptoms immediately. In some cases, people may believe they are uninjured until the immediate shock of the accident wears away. In other cases, they may think they have only minor injuries only to discover later that there were far more serious concerns. It can be particularly important for accident victims to seek prompt medical care after an accident to highlight potentially dangerous, undetected signs of injury.

When people have headaches after a car accident, it can throw up a red flag. Headaches are often a sign of a serious concussion, a head or neck injury or even a blood clot on the brain. Traumatic brain injuries often go undetected immediately after a crash, but they can require treatment and cause long-term effects. Whiplash is another common injury that often goes missed immediately following a crash. Instead, people begin to notice neck and shoulder pain in the days following a crash. Because many whiplash-inducing crashes take place at low speed, people may dismiss their signs; however, diagnosis could require a CT scan or MRI to confirm the problem.

There are other signs that can draw attention to potential brain injuries or whiplash problems after a crash. Changes in personality or mood after a car accident may not be simply a reaction to the situation: They could reflect traumatic brain injury due to a concussion. In addition, numbness in the arms could reflect serious damage to the spinal column.

When dangerous or distracted drivers crash into others on the road, these motor vehicle collisions can lead to catastrophic injuries with permanent effects. A personal injury lawyer may help people injured due to someone else’s negligence seek compensation for their losses, including lost wages and medical bills.


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