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Why honesty is critical before getting married

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Family Law |

Those who live, work or own a business in Georgia may not think that a prenuptial agreement is for them. However, it is not just the rich that benefit from a custom agreement negotiated and executed before a wedding. During the divorce process, individuals are required to give detailed information about their income, expenses and assets. This information is also disclosed during the process of creating a prenuptial agreement.

Couples can save themselves a lot of time and hassle by being open and honest with each other before getting married. Another benefit to making financial disclosures before a wedding is that they take place when each side is calm and rational. Ultimately, it becomes easier to assign labels to debts and assets in a fair and reasonable manner. Once the divorce process starts, couples may feel tempted to argue over everything regardless of how petty they are being.

After several years of marriage, it can be harder to determine who owns an asset and harder to find the evidence to support a claim of ownership. With a prenuptial agreement, there is no need to worry about keeping track of paperwork. Instead, the agreement itself will have the answer to any dispute that arises. In the event of a divorce, couples can save time and money by simply following the instructions outlined in the premarital contract.

Those who are thinking about getting a divorce may want to speak with a family law attorney. Doing so may make it easier to determine if a prenuptial agreement is still valid. If not, it may be necessary to negotiate a new agreement or ask a judge to make a ruling. Typically, such agreements will be valid as long as they are deemed to be reasonable and were not signed under duress.


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