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4 tips for establishing a divorce parenting plan

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Family Law |

Establishing a shared-custody parenting plan in Georgia can be a smooth experience if you adhere to some simple guidelines. Here are four tips to help you during the process:

1. Make a schedule right away

Divorce can be difficult for kids. Thankfully, routines can ease the transition, and quickly establishing a stable visitation schedule makes the adjustment period more manageable and less traumatic. History proves that the quicker couples set parenting plans in stone, the better things go.

2. Consider your children’s needs and wants

Every couple navigating a dissolution of marriage must prioritize their kids’ needs and wants. Moreover, don’t interrogate children about the other parents’ comings, goings and musings. It’s unfair and can erupt into long-lasting and damaging resentment. Instead, keep the blows and knocks between the adults and demonstrate to the kids that they always come first.

3. Use one communication form with your former or estranged spouse

Communicating during a divorce can be like walking through a minefield. One way to chart a safe path is sticking to a single form of communication. Typically, messaging systems with built-in calendar functioning that create a log work best. Not only does it streamline correspondences, but it can be helpful in court when conflicts arise.

4. Understand your family law rights

Georgia’s family law parameters are the bedrock of any successful parenting plan. For example, did you know that paternity doesn’t automatically confer visitation rights? Couples must have been married at some point to secure custody privileges.

Consulting with a family law attorney in Georgia can be helpful when initiating a parenting plan. Not only will the attorney be up to date on the latest standards and rulings, but they can also serve as a buffer in contentious situations.


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