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What to bring to the closing appointment

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Real Estate Closings |

Preparing for a real estate closing in Georgia is necessary to avoid common mistakes and make it a smooth process. You have to review a stack of documents that must be signed, so understanding the process in advance will help you complete the closing more quickly.

What you must know before a real estate closing

During a real estate closing, the buyer and seller will typically meet in person to sign all the documents and transfer ownership after making the final payments. Before the real estate closing, you’ll want to negotiate the closing costs in advance. It’s important to bring certified funds instead of personal checks, which won’t be accepted by the closing attorney. It’s also necessary to bring a valid form of ID.

Read through all the paperwork and ask an attorney what certain terms mean to ensure you understand everything before you sign the documents. Aside from your lawyer, additional people who may be present at the closing include a home inspector, title insurance agent, escrow officer and mortgage professional.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

Consider hiring a closing attorney to ensure that your closing process goes smoothly. They may help prepare and review all the documents as well as confirm that everything has been signed and that no errors are present on any of the paperwork. The attorney will attend the closing with you to assist in reviewing the documents and answering your questions. In Georgia, real estate attorneys must be physically present at the closing for the transaction to be finalized, which is helpful because you’ll have a consultant to assist you if you’re confused about any legal terms on the documents.


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