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How does a real estate attorney help sell a home?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Real Estate Closings |

Each year, many people in Georgia decide to sell their homes. Considering the importance of selling your home, it’s understandable to want everything to get handled properly. If you’re looking for someone to help you during this time, it could be wise to hire an attorney. Here’s a closer look at how an attorney may help ensure that your closing process goes smoothly.

Calculating all fees

When it comes to selling a home, both you and the buyer are likely to pay fees. These fees can cover an agent’s commission, taxes, insurance and other costs. Before this happens, it’s imperative to ensure that you’re paying exactly what you owe. Fortunately, a real estate lawyer may go through these numbers and ensure that everything is correct.

Ensuring your home has a clear title

Before you can sell your home, either an agent or title company will need the title report for this property. This happens so that the other party can ensure your home has a clean title. If it doesn’t, you can run into a wide range of situations that put real estate closings in jeopardy.

Negotiating on your behalf

In a perfect world, a buyer would offer the price desired by a seller, but this doesn’t always happen. If a buyer or someone on their behalf wants to negotiate prices, a lawyer may help with these negotiations. You can avoid getting taken advantage of by a buyer or agent trying to get a low-ball deal on your home.

Real estate lawyers may offer their clients a lot of help during the home selling process. If you’d like to have a legal professional on your side before selling your home, consider contacting a closing attorney.


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