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What drivers and motorcyclists can do to keep everyone safer

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

With the warm spring weather we’ve been enjoying, it is common to see an increase in motorcycle riders taking to the highways and by-ways of Georgia. But one of the problems with these early first rides is that motorists are not expecting to see two-wheelers sharing the roads with them.

Read on to learn some safety tips for motorcyclists and the vehicle drivers riding alongside them.

Drivers, pay attention to motorcyclists

You might hear the approaching sound of loud exhaust pipes. Sometimes, you might catch a glimpse of bright neon riding gear as they blow past you in the fast lane, although just as often they wear black leather. Regardless, be aware of motorcycle riders near you on the road.

Riders, maintain a visible profile

Don’t wear only dark-colored riding gear or leathers when you head out for your springtime rides. Even if you do decide on darker gear, consider donning a brightly fluorescent helmet or an orange vest over your black leather jacket.

Start your ride with a safe motorcycle

At the start of every riding season, prepare your bike for road trips. Over the cold winter months, tires can deflate and rubber can weaken and crack. Make sure that your motorcycle has a battery that won’t fail you on your ride. Top off all your fluid levels and check your brakes, belts and cables. A tune-up is always a good investment.

Spring weather can be capricious

Last month’s violent storms that spawned tornadoes should serve as a warning that weather conditions in the spring can change abruptly for the worse. Before heading out on a ride, check the weather reports. Also, charge your cellphone and make sure that you are signed up for severe weather alerts on your phone.

If you do get into an accident

Sometimes, no matter how cautious you are, accidents are inevitable. File a claim for damages to initiate civil litigation against the one responsible for your injuries, medical costs and other losses.


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