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Could poor maintenance be to blame for your car crash?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Working on cars was once something people did themselves. Even if they needed a mechanic’s help for major tasks, most car owners could check the oil and change a tire.

As cars have become more complex, many owners no longer touch their vehicles. Many do not even know where the oil stick is. While there is nothing wrong with leaving things to the professionals, taking your car to a garage takes time and money. A shortage of those could lead someone to forego regular maintenance. The result could lead to a crash.

A poorly maintained vehicle is less safe

Here are some of the ways a lack of maintenance could increase the chances of an accident:

  • Tires: These have tread markers to show when they need replacing. Worn tires provide less grip, reducing the ability to hold the road on a corner, on a slippery surface or when braking.  Tires wear unevenly, so you should rotate them regularly to prolong life and increase safety.
  • Brakes:  The quicker your brakes can stop you, the more chance you have of avoiding crashing into another vehicle or hitting someone who steps into the road without looking. Pads have wear indicators that you can see without needing to remove the wheel.
  • Fluids: Cars use oils and other liquids to lubricate; for example, an engine lacking oil could overheat or seize. They use liquids to cool — if the radiator lacks water, it could overheat and explode. Finally, they use them to provide hydraulic pressure, such as in the brakes, and if there is not enough fluid, they will be less effective.

Understanding why a crash happened is crucial to claim compensation. If you discover evidence of poor maintenance, it may help you explain why the collision was the other driver’s fault — and that can help you get the compensation you are really due.


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