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What is the top contributing factor to pedestrian deaths?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Walking is a healthy form of transportation in the sense that it provides you with exercise. You may not have the degree of risk that comes from riding in a vehicle, but walking near traffic is still dangerous.

Someone in a motor vehicle could strike you when you go to cross the road or clip you as they pass, leaving you with severe injuries. Often, pedestrian collisions are fatal, especially when they involve vehicles traveling at higher speeds.

The tragic truth is that pedestrian collisions can occur at any moment, provided that motor vehicles and people share the same roads. However, there is one risk factor that you may be able to control.

Alcohol plays a role in many pedestrian crashes

People know that they shouldn’t drink before driving, but an unfortunately large number of adults do so anyway. Drunk drivers are a major contributor to the overall rate of pedestrian fatalities, but so are drunk pedestrians.

In 46% of the fatal pedestrian crashes in 2019, alcohol was a contributing factor. Roughly 13% of these crashes involved a driver over the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Almost one-third (32%) of these crashes involved a pedestrian with a BAC over the legal limit. There were also some crashes where both parties were over the legal limit.

Other risk factors for pedestrian collisions include the speed of the vehicle, the visibility of the pedestrian and even the time of day. As someone who frequently walks, learning more about what behaviors can reduce your risks might keep you safe out on the roads.

Learning your rights, like the right to an insurance claim, after a pedestrian crash will also be important as such collisions often carry life-altering consequences.



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