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Pedestrian Accidents


Auto accidents are a common and everyday occurrence. But, most people do not realize the danger to pedestrians in the surrounding area. Whether when walking on the side walk or when crossing lanes of traffic in designated areas, pedestrians are vulnerable to injury with very few options for protection.

A person who is hit or side-swiped by a vehicle can suffer catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, severe soft tissue injury, spinal cord injury, broken and fractured bones, disfigurement, or death.

The importance of hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is essential to your claim. Understanding the nuances of the law and being to apply them to the facts of your case is what separates good representation from great representation.

At Coleman, Chambers & Rogers, LLP, our firm is equipped to handle all types of pedestrian accident cases in Gainesville and throughout Georgia. We have experience in handling cases involving:

Pedestrian accidents can be a traumatic experience. Our attorneys are aware of this and treat every case with the diligence and respect it deserves. Our goal is to get you adequate compensation for your injury and shoulder your burden of dealing with insurance companies and other attorneys while you try to get back on your feet.

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