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Gainesville Divorce Post-Judgment Support Modifications Lawyer

Years after a divorce, many circumstances may have changed. No matter how much time has passed since your divorce, when support modifications or custody modifications are needed, contact the Coleman, Chambers & Rogers, LLP, in Gainesville, Georgia. We can explain the post-judgment modification process.

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The divorce lawyers at our law firm understand that when changes occur, you may need to go back to the court and ask that the judgment entered at the time of the final divorce be changed.

  • Custody modifications: When a custodial parent is no longer fit as a parent, or when it is deemed in the best interest of the child to change custody for other reasons, the change in custody must be approved by the court even when the parents agree to the change.
  • Visitation modifications and relocations: When a custodial parent moves out of the Gainesville area or when a noncustodial parent moves, visitation and parenting time may need to be modified to meet new circumstances.
  • Child support modifications: If one parent’s income changes significantly, that may require a change in child support. If a child has special needs because of a disability or medical condition, a different child support structure may be necessary. Talk to our lawyers about your situation.
  • Spousal support modifications: If the former spouse receiving alimony no longer needs spousal support or when that former spouse needs more alimony, the matter needs to be considered by the court that made the initial order. Significant changes in the income of the spouse paying alimony may also require a change in the amount of spousal support.

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