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Aviation Law

Aviation law is a unique and complex area of our legal system. It involves many people and entities, from victims and witnesses to the federal government and commercial enterprises. Having attorneys experienced with federal agencies, corporate companies and private individuals is pivotal in having your claim successfully resolved.

Aviation law comes in different categories; it’s not just plane or helicopter accidents. Types of claims can stem from:

  • Aviation related to personal injury and wrongful death
  • Aviation insurance coverage
  • Negligent repair or maintenance of aircraft
  • Aircraft product liability or defect
  • Aviation sales and contractual matters
  • Aircraft accidents

Another important factor to understand about aviation law claims is that they can happen anywhere. Plane and helicopter claims can come from travel between cities within the state of Georgia, between Georgia and other states, or countries outside of the United States. Having a firm grasp on federal law, state and local law, and international law is paramount in handling these types of cases. The knowledge and ability to work with the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”), United States Aviation insurers, and state and local governments is no simple matter.

At Coleman, Chambers & Rogers, LLP, we understand the complexity and nuisances within all the different claims and participants associated with aviation law.

Our attorneys have the capability to handle the insurance companies, federal agencies, private enterprises and commercial enterprises. Although aviation law presents complex and case-specific issues, our attorneys are ready to handle your claim.

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