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What You Should Understand About Distracted Driving

An accident can happen in an instant. That’s why it’s important for Gainesville drivers to keep their attention focused on the roadway. To encourage drivers to focus on the road, Georgia has made it illegal to text while driving. Georgia teens are completely prohibited from using a cellphone while driving. Although it is illegal, many drivers continue to cause devastating accidents and injuries while using their phones. At Coleman, Chambers & Rogers, LLP, we encourage safe driving practices and help distracted driving accident victims make full recoveries.

Along with the increased distraction phones can cause, they can also help prevent accidents. Most phone operating systems have a variety of apps to help drivers focus on the road ahead instead of on a cellphone. Some apps will silence the phone while the car is in motion and send an auto-reply to text messages to let others know you will reply when you have a safe opportunity.

Distractions Are Caused By More Than Phones

Distracted driving is when the driver of an automobile engages in activity that could distract them from the task of driving, increasing their risk of causing an automobile accident and injuring others.

There are dozens of distractions in a vehicle. Of course, cellphones are one of the most common distractions, but there are many more ways in which a driver’s attention can be diverted from the road ahead. We can help you seek full financial compensation for car accidents including drivers distracted by:

  • Gadgets in the car
  • Children in the back seat
  • Consuming food and beverages
  • Passengers and pets

We understand the pain and frustration in dealing with the aftermath of a distracted driving accident. Talking to a skilled lawyer about your accident can help you understand how to pursue your claim and get the recovery you deserve.

Were You Or A Loved One Injured By A Distracted Driver?

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