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External airbags and occupancy safety

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Georgia residents who purchase new vehicles in the future may find that they are equipped with external airbags. A manufacturer of external airbags states that its external airbag can reduce the degree of injury suffered by occupants of a vehicle by as much as 40 percent. This data can be a significant factor in having external airbag technology installed in vehicles in production.

The external airbags designed by the manufacturer are meant to be deployed from the sides of the vehicle in the event of an impact. The airbags are intended to serve as supplemental crumble zones when a vehicle is struck. The airbags will essentially resemble and function like enormous pillows capable of enduring some of the force from a side-impact crash.

The main obstacle facing manufacturers of such external airbags is ensuring that the technology can be deployed as it should. The vehicles that would be equipped with the technology will have to be able to sense an imminent crash and deploy the airbag immediately before the impact.

Predictive systems are already installed on some vehicles. However, having seat belts automatically tighten or suspension systems adjusted in real time is not as extreme as having external airbags deploy. Both manufacturers and drivers want to avoid having the airbags released when they should not be, something that has happened multiple times before. Because of the strides being made in certain technologies, including ultrasoncis, lidar, camera and radar, the external airbag manufacturing company believes it can produce external airbags that function as they should.

A personal injury attorney may work to obtain financial compensation on behalf of clients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by malfunction vehicles or negligent driving behaviors. Litigation might be used to pursue damages for crush injuries or permanent disabilities.


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