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Signs a marriage may be destined for divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2019 | Family Law |

Georgians don’t always anticipate troubles after they marry the love of their life. Many couples often get cold feet before tying the knot, but some may ignore red flags displayed early on by their partners, which can increase their likelihood of separation.

Most spouses do not want to be on the bad end of that unfavorable U.S. marriage statistic. However, multiple factors can play a role in partners committing to someone who isn’t right for them.

A bad match from the beginning

These may be some warning signs spouses may end up divorced:

  • They are too different: While they say opposites attract, some personalities just don’t match. If partners hold opposing political views, have different spending habits or long-term goals. These differences can often cause friction and disagreement between both spouses.
  • They lack healthy communication: It is normal for couples to argue. It can even be a sign of a healthy relationship in some cases. But if there is a persistent pattern of put-downs, shouting or verbal abuse, these may be troubling signs.
  • They feel compelled to change for each other: A successful relationship requires partners to be their true selves. When couples think they need to change their personalities, they often don’t bring the authenticity necessary for a happy and long-lasting marriage. This can cause partners to foster resentment towards one another over time.
  • Friends and family lack support for their relationship: While everyone’s circumstances vary, it’s crucial partners enjoy the company of each other’s families. Moreover, if multiple friends or close relatives share a consensus that their loved one’s partner is not right for them, that may be a problem.

Many don’t expect their marriage to end

When couples commit to marriage, they do so because they want to be with their significant other for the rest of their life. But when the marriage doesn’t work out, it can cause a lot of social, emotional and financial stress for both spouses. For those seeking a divorce, an experienced family law attorney in Gainesville, Georgia can help couples through this tricky process and formulate an agreement that works for both parties.


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