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Stay safe by riding between the lines of Georgia law

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Nothing beats your weekends riding along the Chattahoochee, but it’s important to stay safe. Knowing all of Georgia’s laws can help make sure you’ll be able to cruise through the Appalachians for years to come.

Georgia has a range of rules for motorcycles, all designed to keep you protected and visible on the road. Accidents involving motorcycles result in over 80,000 accidents per year, so make sure you know the laws and follow them every time you hit the open road.

Equipment laws
The gear the state requires you to have can go a long way to making sure you’re safe and visible on Georgia roads:

  • Helmets: You must wear headgear that meets the standards set by the Commissioner of Public Safety, which generally includes the Department of Transportation approved helmets.
  • Eyewear and windshields: You must have a windshield unless you’re wearing approved eye protection.
  • Mirrors: You need to have at least one side mirror, either on the left or right side.
  • Passengers: Your motorcycle must be able to handle a passenger, with a permanent seat and footrests for a second person.
  • Taillights: Brake lights and turn signals must be present and in working order.

Traffic laws

Beyond the condition of your bike, make sure you’re ready to play nice with the others on the road:

  • Full use of a lane: You get the entire lane while you ride, which means cars must give you space when they pass, and you must do the same for them.
  • Two at a time: You can ride alongside another bike, but no more than two wide.
  • Lights on at all times: Your headlamps must always be on when you’re operating a motorcycle. They’re there so you can see, and so others can see you.

Stay safe on your motorcycle by making sure the state approves of your gear and that it’s in working order, and by following all of Georgia’s traffic laws. Make sure you’re ready to enjoy all the beauty Georgia has to offer for years to come.



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