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“Knives Out” gives look into estate planning

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2020 | Probate & Estate Planning |

Fans of the 2019 movie “Knives Out” in Georgia may be interested to know more about estate planning as it plays a major role in the film. Estate planning involves making a will or trust and determining what amount of inheritance those left behind will receive after the death of an estate holder.

The movie has drawn the attention of moviegoers and critics alike, earning itself several award nominations. The film centers around the patriarch of a wealthy family who is found dead. The remainder of the movie is a whodunit as the family looks for clues as to who killed the father. Among the mystery being solved by the star-studded cast is a look into estate planning.

One dramatic scene in the film features a will reading. In most states, it is not required to read the will at loud anymore. Heirs typically receive a copy of the will in the mail from the estate lawyer. In the film, when the will isn’t what the heirs expect, they decide to contest it. This is a common occurrence dealt with by estate lawyers. One of the major reasons for a contested will is undue influence, which occurs when an estate holder changes their will due to the persuasion and influence of the beneficiary.

Though the movie is a work of fiction, “Knives Out” has made many people consider their own estate planning and how to prevent their own heirs from fighting after they pass away. An experienced estate and probate lawyer might help by drawing a will or arranging a trust on behalf of the estate holder. In this case, a lawyer may be able to prevent future problems by learning the wishes of the estate holder and ensuring that no undue influence plays a factor in deciding who the beneficiaries of the estate will be.


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