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Parents should think flexibly about a 50-50 arrangement

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Family Law |

In a 50-50 custody arrangement in Georgia, the parents might stick to the traditional method of alternating weeks between the parents’ homes. However, some experts are urging parents to start thinking about alternate ways of splitting custody equally in a manner that may be more beneficial to the children.

According to some experts, when the children spend an entire week away from one parent, there are adverse effects on the children. One of the primary issues is that they develop separation anxiety when they have to spend such a large amount of time away from one parent. Then, they must go through this on a weekly basis.

In addition, when the children are away for a week, the two parents must have more communication with each other so that the children can speak to the other parent. If the two parents do not get along, this will be difficult. There may also be logistical challenges to an entire week of parenting when that parent must make arrangements for school pickup and dropoffs. As a result, experts are encouraging parents to be more flexible in their thinking. One solution in a family law case is to alternate homes more frequently while still maintaining an even split of time.

A family law attorney may be able to help their client think creatively in order to agree upon and implement a solution for equal custody. Parties to a divorce may not be flexible in their thinking given the stress of the divorce and possible hostility in the situation, so an attorney might help with offering suggestions. Then, the attorney may assist their client in negotiating a custody agreement that could work for them and be in the best interests of the children.


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