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Financial surprises can impact post-divorce life for women

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Family Law |

Some Georgia women emerge from divorce to find a reality that is much different than the one they anticipated. They may have had various financial expectations that are upended by the separation. However, advance planning and negotiation could at least alleviate some of these unpleasant realities.

One of the biggest unwelcome surprises that ex-wives face is the issue of debt. Even if their husband incurred the debt, they may still be responsible for it if their name is on the account. This holds true even if the spouse did not even know the debt existed. At the same time, a woman may have also counted on being able to remain at home with the children after the divorce. However, mothers sometimes overestimate the amount of child support that they’ll receive, leaving them no choice but to reenter the workforce.

Another financial pitfall arises if the spouse has to buy health insurance after the divorce. They may not realize exactly how expensive the premiums are, even if they can get insurance through a job.

It could also be shocking if the woman is forced to leave the family home. In certain cases, the parties must sell the marital home. In other cases, the ex-husband might be able to get the home in the property division process.

Because of all the potential issues, it’s often wise to seek the help of a family law attorney who can negotiate the divorce agreement. The divorce agreement is practically the last chance that the soon-to-be ex will have to take care of themselves and their situation, and they will not want to miss the opportunity. Sometimes, these issues can be complex, but an attorney might be able to help navigate them.


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