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When you are about to visit your Georgia divorce attorney for the first time, you are likely wondering how to prepare. The answer is that you should do everything that you can to make sure that your lawyer is prepared to represent you. This means providing them with the information that they need to be your advocate in the process.

Give your lawyer the documents

There are several different ways that you can give your lawyer information. You can answer the questions that they ask, but this will take more time. The more time that the lawyer needs to learn about your situation, the higher the cost. Accordingly, the best way to help prepare your lawyer is to give them the documents they require.

Provide the attorney with information about income and assets

Your lawyer will likely begin by trying to establish how much you and your spouse earn. The first thing they will request will be your tax return. Try to also provide them with pay stubs from you and your spouse. You should also provide the attorney with information about all of the accounts that you hold as a couple. If you are able, you should also give them documents about the property that your spouse owns if they are accessible to you. The attorney should have documentation of everything in the marital estate as well as the debts that you owe. Getting this right off the bat can help expedite your case because the lawyer can begin right away.

In a divorce, a family law attorney is a must to assist you with the settlement process. Your best hope for a smooth divorce is that you and the other spouse can get on the same page and can avoid court. Your attorney could advise you on how best to negotiate a divorce agreement while protecting your future. Trying to handle this on your own will only add to the stress of the divorce.


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