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Reasons why women are quicker to end a marriage

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Family Law |

When a Georgia couple begins their married life, they don’t want it to end in divorce. However, a significant percentage of marriages do end this way, and studies show that in a majority of cases, women initiate the process.

How often do women seek divorce?

Studies have shown that in about 70% of cases, women were the ones who made the decision to seek a divorce. This seems to be true in both heterosexual and same-sex marriages; one study of same-sex couples revealed that in 78% of cases, the couples who divorced were women.

Why do women seek divorce more often than men?

According to experts, there are a variety of reasons why women seek the end of marriage at higher rates than men. These include:

• A sense of gender inequality in the home
• A feeling that the woman carries the emotional weight of the marriage
• A perception that marriage itself is holding the woman back
• Intolerance for certain behaviors like addiction or infidelity

For many two-income families, women often feel that even though they work outside the home as much as their partner, they are still expected to take on the majority of the housekeeping and childcare duties at home. They might also be bothered if they perceive a lack of support and communication from their significant other. Some women also feel that their partner is not delivering on the promises they expected from a good marriage and that marriage itself holds them back from what they want to do.

Couples who decide to seek a divorce might encounter many challenges that they need to overcome. They may benefit from seeking representation, guidance and support during this process from a family law lawyer.


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