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When can survivors file a wrongful death suit?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Wrongful Death |

Georgia families may become heartbroken upon learning that someone’s negligence brought about a family member’s death. While civil actions won’t bring anyone back to life, a lawsuit may assist survivors with the financial repercussions of an unexpected death.

Facts about wrongful death suits

Survivors seeking compensation for wrongful death might only have standing when negligence factored into the fatality. If someone passed away from natural causes in a hospital, negligence might play no role. If medical malpractice contributed to the passing, however, a wrongful death suit could be possible.

A wrongful death suit may follow auto accidents, product liabilities, criminal assaults and other incidents. Ultimately, if negligence led to someone dying, a wrongful death suit might go forward.

The surviving family members typically need to prove damages and also open an estate via probate. An attorney may advise the survivors on such matters.

Reasons for seeking compensation after a wrongful death

A loved one’s death could leave a family financially devastated. Medical bills don’t go away as the obligations fall on the estate. Surviving children may wonder about their future education since a provider is no longer able to support them, and other expenses may unexpectedly devastate a family. A wrongful death suit could provide a potential solution to paying these bills.

Family members may also seek compensation for pain and suffering due to the loved one’s parting. In some cases, a jury could award punitive damages, such as when someone dies due to gross misconduct or negligence.

Another point worth noting is that the family may not need to engage in a drawn-out trial. An insurance settlement could be an option depending on the case.

Wrongful death suits may provide necessary financial assistance to a grieving family. A personal injury attorney may help survivors intending to pursue such litigation.


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