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Divorcing a narcissist in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Family Law |

Going through a divorce in Georgia is difficult for anyone, but the process can be more challenging when divorcing a narcissistic person who always wants to be in control. To protect your sanity and help you get what you deserve, here are some things to keep in mind throughout the divorce.

Why is divorcing a narcissist a challenge?

Everyone can display narcissistic behaviors, but to be diagnosed as having a narcissistic personality disorder, there is a specific set of criteria to meet. Psychologists define narcissism as a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, lack of empathy and constant need for adulation.

Narcissistic people always want to win at all costs, and they feel incapable of making mistakes. They will always try to get the most during the divorce by manipulating you, the kids or other people associated with your case.

Tips for divorcing a narcissistic person in Georgia

Under family law, Georgia is an equitable distribution state; hence, the judge will divide your marital assets in a manner they see fair based on the conditions. While Georgia is a no-fault divorce state, there are some factors that your narcissistic spouse can use to influence the judge’s decision concerning property allocation, child support and custody. To be safe, you should prepare for the battle ahead:

• Learn to stay calm. Your spouse can bait you into an argument that can make you look bad before the court.
• Document your communications with your spouse. Record your calls, don’t delete your messages or emails, and keep a log of your every encounter, including other people who were present during that time.
• Prepare yourself for a lengthy divorce battle. Remember, a narcissistic person will do anything in their power to win, so you must be prepared to fight back.
• You also need to keep logs of the time they spend with your children. Sometimes, they may deny you access to your kids if they get primary custody.

Divorcing a narcissistic person is tough, but staying in a bad marriage is even worse. However difficult your spouse appears to be, always remember that the law is meant to serve you.


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